Authentic Adventures for Extraordinary Humans!

CALLING ALL Elephant Warriors, Wistful Creatives, Friends of Planet Earth, Unfulfilled Philanthropists, World Weary Activists and Dreamers! HURRY and join us on these once in a lifetime, small group experiences to some of the most spectacular places on earth.  Spend time elephants, play with paint, dive into your journal,  and let your spirit soar!       

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Do elephants thrill you? Do you long to spend time with them in a humane, respectful way? Hear their rumbles? Know their soul?  


Yes! I want to find out more! Please click on the destination country links below to get all of the magical details! 

Big Elephant Magic Retreats are just right for:

Elephant and Animal lovers!

Women, Men, Couples, Mothers, Daughters and

Solo, Friends, 

Humans with wanderlust in their bones and bucket list dreams! 

Compassionate eco-warriors who want to do exciting things and experience amazing places. People that want to travel ethically and support indigenous communities, ethical tourism and expand their awareness of the world. 


People who don't mind dust in their pockets after a day spent with lions, or mud on their shoes after a waterfall trek.  

Extroverted introverts and everyone in between! Fun loving kitchen divas! Humans who thrive with others but crave time alone.

Sunday hikers, 

dancers to their own magical beat.

Did we mention elephant lovers? 

What is a Big Elephant Magic Retreat?   

Authentic Adventures for Extraordinary Humans!

Big Elephant Magic retreats are active, ethical, small group excursions to some of the most spectacular places on earth.

Much more than a "tour"

Each Big Elephant Magic Retreat as been curated to introduce our incredible guests to authentic experiences that work hand in hand with local communities to provide employment, income and education. 

All of our animal sanctuary visits are planned with care to avoid animal exploitation. 

Big Elephant Magic retreats are comfortable, not fancy! The roads can be bumpy, the accommodations clean & basic (though en-suite bathrooms are guaranteed!)

The people you meet, the sights you'll see

will take your breath away! 

Guest Videos

Special Thanks to  Felipe And Tayra (Kenya 2020) &

Amy with Roseberry Workshop (Thailand 2019) for their lovely videos!