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Creating Hope for Communities

January  2020- Arte for Elephants Scholarship Expanding!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Educational Scholarship program to Kenya

One of the most rewarding aspects of our Big Elephant Magic Retreat experience is the opportunity to visit and support community based educational programs. 

It is nearly impossible to overstate the challenges facing many disadvantaged youth throughout the world.

In Thailand, young refugees fleeing violence in neighboring countries, or orphaned Hill Tribal girls are subject to horrendous acts of exploitation, human trafficking and violence.

In Kenya, orphaned children are walking 2 hours across dangerous terrain to get to school every day, barefoot! 

In all countries young women are routinely pulled from school at earlier ages when the costs of education exceed a families ability to pay. 

In all instances, getting an education can mean the difference between a life opportunity or a life of desperation.

In Thailand- we are thrilled to partner with Borderless Friendship of Western Australia to continue support for our two scholarship winners Malee and Nakue- two remarkable young women that have overcome tremendous challenges and are continuing their advanced education! 

In Kenya and in partnership with Fisi Camp, we are delighted to announce our full sponsorship of three very young girls, who were the only children in the school without support. Welcome Faith, Silantoi and Marie- may all of your dreams come true! 

A special thank you to all of our Big Elephant Magic Retreat guests for making it possible for us to help these remarkable young people! 

We look forward to continuing our support!