NEW! NOT YOUR RIDE- Colorful Summer Elephant T-Shirt

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Make a statement! Save a life! Show bad tourists what you really think with our all new, super cool summer ready Unisex T Shirts!

Featuring: Kabu- colored pencil on paper Kabu is a lovely elephant that was used horribly as a riding and trekking elephant. Despite having her leg broken as an infant, poor lovely Kabu was worked carting tourists up and down hillsides. Luckily Kabu was transferred to world famous Elephant Nature Park where she ultimately was able to "adopt" a little girl named Chana who also has a broken leg. The two of them are inseparable.


Easy to wash, durable and light weight.


20% of each purchase will go to support ENP

PREORDER ONLY WILL SHIP IN JULY! Sizes run slightly small order up!

AFE logo on the left arm!

* Due to the original artwork being pencil and paper there are some natural pencil lines and dots on the reproduction.

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