Plans and Reflections- Kenya 2021 Announced!

Every summer since the birth of Arte for Elephants has played like an adventure film. Our season starts in July and from July until December we just don’t stop. “Show-travel- show”, it’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting, it’s humbling and beautiful and it keeps us going.

Enter 2020, and like so much of the world, we find ourselves hunkered down, our universe, once so rich, challenging and diverse, has shrunk from an entire planet to a single dwelling. Five months in and it’s easy to chafe at these sheltering walls

Living through this unplanned, and let’s face it, unwanted, hiatus has given us real time to go through the last 4

years of Arte for Elephant’s and really dig deep; what worked, what didn’t and, most importantly, how can we continue to deliver for our friends/clients and support the causes that drive us?

Amazingly, and with tremendous support from so many people, we have managed to continue to financially assist the causes we care about. We were able to donate $800 from the sales of our face masks to help suddenly out of work trekking elephants make the journey to sanctuary! Online sales have allowed us to expand our efforts in the Masai Mara by donating to a fund set up by a photography group and Fisi Camp (our lodging in Kenya) to support food delivery to 1800 Masai tribal people, who are struggling through the loss of tourism revenue. We have continued our scholarship program in Thailand where school has resumed.

We are excited to announce a new designated charity, Chimp Sanctuary NW (in WA), this dynamic, accredited sanctuary cares for former laboratory/entertainment chimpanzees and is looking to expand to accommodate additional chimps that need to be rescued from a shuttered refuge in Southern California. We are excited to help Chimp Sanctuary NW achieve their expansion and rescue those suffering chimps!

None of this would have been possible without our friends, fans and customers.

Thank you all!

NOW BOOKING Kenya Safari 2021

We have implemented free re-bookings until December 31, 2022 and, we have announced NEW DATES to Kenya:

Kenya Safari Departures 2021

November 30- December 8, 2021

December 12- December 20, 2021

Thailand dates coming soon.

We remain, as ever, committed to safe, ethical travel that enriches the soul and supports the communities we visit.

Sending each and every one of you a big hug from our family to yours! Stay healthy, stay strong and keep those dreams alive!

This post is dedicated to long time friend and supporter Joan Lichterman who has gone to fight the good fight in other realms. We miss you Joan!

Arte for Elephants is an art and travel business that raises money for ethical sanctuaries around the world through the sale of art and ethical travel experiences. To date we have raised and donated over $48,000 USD. Find our more at

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