A Note About Packing and Weather.

As most of us know, global weather patterns around the world are changing on a yearly basis. Winter temps in the tropical jungles of S.E Asia are close to snowing and rainy seasons are unpredictable. The best advice for any traveler is to expect the unexpected!


you may start an early morning game drive close to 35F only to come back in the afternoon at 90F-There may be humidity or dryness, dust or mud! 

Hats and Shoes

 We recommend you bring a hat with a brim wide enough to cover your ears and the back of your neck- with an adjustable chin strap for fast jeep or tuk tuk drives! You may find a hat made of fabric is preferred because they are generally easier to pack (unlike a straw or fiber hat) 

Waterproof hiking boots are ideal- they should have good treads for walking on uneven or slippery surfaces.  When traveling in Asia a pair of easy on/off hiking sandals are handy for quick removal. Remember- shoes are not allowed in temples or holy sights. You may also want consider a pair of lightweight flip flops or loafers that you can wear in lodges or at meal times.


Big Elephant Magic General Packing List

1) Sturdy/comfortable hiking shoes that have good treads for sticking to uneven surfaces (water proof is preferred).

2) Hiking Sandals with good treads, easy to take on/off for temples.

3) A wide brim hat that covers your ears with a chin strap. 

4) A camera with plenty of memory (Good digital zoom is the best!)

5) Charging cords for all electronics.

6) Electronic converters (outlets vary per destination).

7) Thick, long pants for hiking (cargo pants, zippered, khaki pants) Jeans are not recommended. 

8) Shorts or capris for lighter/warmer weather.

9) Light weight, long sleeve shirts and pants for dawn/dusk.

10) Mosquito repellant.

11) Comfortable clothes for lounging at lodges.

12) Pullover, fleece and/or thermals for possible cold evenings.

13) Flip flops or casual shoes for evenings at the hotel (optional)

14) Several pairs of good hiking socks. 

15) Sun screen.

16) All prescription medications any over the counter medication that you take regularly. 

17) Anti-Malarial (Depending upon destination).

18) Light scarf for visiting temples in certain destinations. 

19) Personal grooming items/toiletries etc. 

20) Light T shirts.

21) Lighter pair of pants for hiking in warmer weather.

22) Bathing Suit.

23) Flashlight.

24) High power binoculars (AFRICA)

25) Lightweight rain poncho or jacket. 

26) Passport and all travel documents.

27) Sunglasses/lip balm with sunscreen

28) A sense of humor, thirst for adventure, curiosity and an understanding that you are in a new and different place!

Packing Tip: 

"Adventure" and travel clothing!

Of course, we would never presume to tell you where to shop! But if you feel dismayed (as I often do) of the cost of travel clothing at places like REI-you might consider a good thrift store- in addition to reducing your carbon foot print by thrift shopping you may be amazed at the "finds" you'll discover! Top quality, zippered cargo pants, name brand safari vests, jackets and many lightweight cotton shirts!