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Somewhere in the middle of 2015, while sitting on a sofa in Austin, Texas, two California artists decided that elephants were just about the most amazing creatures on earth! So they decided to get up off of the sofa, quit their day jobs and start selling art to raise money for elephant sanctuaries around the world.

Arte for Elephants was born!

A few years, many miles and several goofy mistakes later, Arte for Elephants is still going strong, traveling the world, meeting awesome people (and elephants!),

visiting sanctuaries, promoting humane tourism (like, don't RIDE elephants already), creating, and selling incredibly cool and unusual art, and helping elephant sanctuary heroes make their magic homes for formerly abused circus, zoo, logging and tourist elephants. 

NEW in 2018 we launched our first successful Elephant Friendly retreat! Big Elephant Magic Retreats are amazing, ethical, affordable and more fun than finding $5 bucks in the pocket of your old blue jeans.

Kenya, Thailand & Cambodia- we'd love to have you join us.

Hot on the heels of our retreats came the most exciting Big Elephant Magic Scholarship, which provides full ride scholarships for children of the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand.  

Happily vegan, green (all of our printed materials are recycled), fair trade and cruelty free.

Proud partners of 

The Eden Projects and for every art work sold, a tree is planted, for every retreat package, The Eden Projects will plant 50 trees at their reforestation project in Indonesia. 

Browse our Elephant Shop, visit one of our Events or participate in a life changing Big Elephant Magic Retreat!

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Check out our wee video below, to hear our story! 

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Big Elephant Magic V.1

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by T. Rutter

"There are those who " talk the talk", but can never truly "walk the walk". Arte For Elephants does both and are an inspiration for all!  By combining their beautiful, high quality, art work with a vision and a mission to help elephants, they are a power house of talent & love & dedication" 

P. Atkinson via FaceBook

Proud Partner 


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