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Arte for Elephants:
Creating Hope

Arte for Elephants began in 2015 as a way for two California Artists to support captive elephant rescue through the sale of arts and crafts. In the years since, thanks to our loyal customers friends and supporters, our mission has expanded to include rigorous outreach via public events,  support for indigenous communities that share their world with elephants, ethical travel that supports wildlife and reforestation. Our success from such humble roots has been made possible by the kindness and humanity of thousands of human beings we've met along the way. We hope to see you all down the road. 



A new start for captive wildlife

20% of every penny you spend in our online or in person shop is donated to our ethical wildlife sanctuary partners: Elephant Nature Park (Thailand), Global Sanctuary for Elephants (Brazil), Chimp Sanctuary NW (USA), or Wildlife SOS (India). To date we have raised over $65,000- thank you! 


Girls education- the key

The best way to support wildlife is to honor and support the communities that surround wildlife areas. One of the best ways to do this is through education. It's a sad fact that young girls are often denied education when struggling families have to decide which of their children to support. Educational support of young women is the first step to lifting entire communities out of poverty. 


5 Primary School Students at Oololaimutia School, Kenya

1 First Year University Student- Elizabeth in Kenya

1 First Year College Student- Bussina, Thailand

AFE School Visit.jpg


Changing hearts and minds

In 2016 we sold it all (home, stuff) to go on the road and educate members of the compassionate public about the challenges facing captive elephants. Since then we've been on the road clocking thousands of miles and meeting  millions of people. No one knows when the critical mass will tip the wheel of compassion towards our animal friends, but until it does, we'll keep on using our voices for those who have none. See you at a show! 


Supporting wildlife guardians & protecting habitats: 

Travel, when done ethically, can be a huge boon for both communities and wildlife. Experiencing other cultures can break down prejudice and foster understanding. AFE Travel is proud to offer affordable adventures that directly benefit local communities and wildlife rescue. Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. We are proud that for every adventure booked, 200 trees are planted, restoring a depleted mangrove in Kenya which will one day provide a safe habitat to native species! 

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