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Cahaya- Darling- Fine Art Print Large

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Hows about a new species, Orangutan? Stunning baby Cahaya was a bit of an OOPS! Born to mum (Sunshine) who was rescued from a life of exploitation, sanctuary keepers were amazed when, in February 2020 they saw, little Cahaya clinging to her mum.

Ethical sanctuaries do not support captive breeding but primates will be primates and despite Sunny being on birth control and father Archie being considered "too young" to father a baby the sanctuary was delighted to welcome this darling into the world.

Cayaha's mum, Sunshine has given birth 3 times before she was rescued, and each time her babies were taken from her to be sold for exploitation. Happily Sunshine is being a star Orangutan mum and baby Cahaya will spend her life with her mother and family at the Center for Great Apes in Florida!

PRE ORDER will ship in 6-8 weeks!

Help all orangutan by finding ways to not consume PALM OIL!

Cahaya, Darling - Colored Pencil on Paper by T. Rutter (limited edition)

11 x 14 Fine Art Paper 1/4 inch border for framing and matting (vertical orientation)

Wrapped in 100% recycled plastic sleeve/shipped flat

20% donated to Animal Sanctuaries .

(FRONT watermark not present on final product)

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