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Eloise & Her Twins Large Print-

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Mommy elephant with twins! Ideal for baby showers, nursery decor, animal or elephant lovers and sweethearts! Give the gift that helps real elephants!

Eloise & Her Twins- Pencil on Paper by T. Rutter)

Fine Art Print
11 x 14 inches, rectangular (horizontal)
Archival Quality
Shipped Flat on backer board with recycled plastic sleeve
Signed by artist

** NOTE: This item will be on back order and will ship in May

Each print comes with a photo and biography of a REAL elephant you are helping to rescue.
Looking for that special perfect something for the new mom, grand mom, good friend or elephant lover on your list? Look no further, this adorable, fine art print by Elephant Portrait Artist, T. Rutter
An elephant love is forever, and mommies and babies bond for life. This rare and wonderful picture (twin births are very rare for African Elephants) displays a mother's love for both of her playful babies. Eloise is a free roaming, wild elephant and her twins were born (and are thriving, at a national park in Tanzania- (the twins are named Elon and Emma Tusk, really! They were named by park rangers)

African elephants are the super-mums of the elephant kingdom, with baby girls staying with their mums their entire lives! These spiritual animals are critical endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. A portion of every sale goes to support elephant sanctuaries working to save both wild and captive elephants, through anti-poaching, veterinary care- habitat preservation and chain-free sanctuaries worldwide.

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