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Eloise, and Three Baby Elephants Large Print

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Stunning and bright, the lover of a mother and her babies. This is Eloise, a wild elephant living in a protected park in Tanzania- in the elephant world, twin births are very rare as elephants are pregnant for 2 whole years many twins to not survive. Fortunately however Eloise and her twins (Elon and Emma Tusk) are surviving and thriving! Perfect for Birthdays, Holidays, Baby Showers and MORE! Since Elephants work together to raise babies, this is a photo of Eloise with her twins and their cousin!

Eloise & Three Babies - Colored pencil on paper on canvas on Paper by T. Rutter

This fine art card is perfect as a gift or as an add on:

11 x 14 with a quarter inch border for framing and matting (horizontal)

Wrapped in 100% recycled plastic sleeve/shipped flat

20% donated to elephant sanctuaries around the world.

(FRONT watermark not present on final product)

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