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Gluay Hom- In Sunshine Large Fine Art Print-

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I was so excited to meet this amazing elephant in December with our Big Elephant Magic Group- as you may remember poor Gluay Hom was featured in a National Geographic expose of animal cruelty in tourism.. poor little dude was kept in chains for years under a stadium.. no sunlight, no exercise.. no friends :( When I drew him, I wanted to show him glowing in warm, sunny colors.. since he was kept so long in the cold and dark.

Thankfully due to the article a wave of public pressure mounted and Gluay Hom was finally rescued and sent to Elephant Nature Park.. while he is still a bit weak and small due to his former life (not to mention timid) he's really blossoming and he has a very special bond with Darrick and his Mahout.. we can't wait to see how he will continue to grow and heal-- funds from his sale will go to support ENP manage the situation during the Covid-19 crisis.

Gluay Hom In Sunshine--Colored Pencil on Paper Fine Art Print

11 x 14 Fine Art Paper 1/4 inch border for framing and matting (vertical orientation)

Wrapped in 100% recycled plastic sleeve/shipped flat

20% donated to Save Elephant Foundation.

(FRONT watermark not present on final product)

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