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Lovely LADY in Blue Fine Art Print

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Lovely Lady in Blue- Colored Pencil on paper by T. Rutter

Lady is a fantastic older gal, (don't you love her beard??) who was recently rescued by the Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Poor lady, like most captive elephants had a very long, lonely and hard life. Beaten and made to perform tricks.

The future, however is looking bright for our Lady. In the months she's been at the Global Sanctuary, her real personality is starting to shine through. She is getting more comfortable with her surroundings and even with the other elephants.

The healing journey of Lady is just beginning! We look forward to seeing where she goes!

11 x 14 Fine Art Print (Vertical)

1/4 Inch border for framing and matting

Shipped Flat

Includes a biography of the elephant you are helping to rescue

(watermark not present on final product)

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