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Maia Pond Blob Large Fine Art Print-

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Glorious and happy rescued elephant Maia, enjoying a warmly colored bath in her very own pond! A colorful and heartwarming gift or add on to another print!

"Maia Waterbaby" Colored Pencil on Paper by T. Rutter

Maia was one of the first two elephants rescued and sent to Global Sanctuary for Elephants in S. America. After years in the circus, then changed in a small yard, her life has really opened up! She now has acres of land to romp in, and two friends (Guida and Rana) but by far her favorite thing is to bathe in the pond!

11 x 14 Fine Art Print- 1/4 inch border fro framing and matting. (horizontal)

Wrapped in 100% recycled plastic sleeve/shipped flat

20% donated to elephant sanctuaries around the world.

(FRONT watermark not present on final product)

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