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Raju Joy NEW- Limited Edition Print

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NOW AVAILABLE- Limited edition print of Raju Joy- the elephant who cried.

Raju became famous as an elderly elephant who was used for decades in India. Poor Raju was chained, beaten and abused. Fortunately, Raju was finally rescued by Wildlife SOS and transferred to a spacious sanctuary! When rescuers removed his chains, he appeared to be crying (the video was shared widely on social media and Raju became an internet sensation).

Raju thrives to this day in his happy home at Wildlife SOS sanctuary!

RAJU JOY- Colored pencil on paper by T. Rutter

11 x 14 Fine Art Paper 1/4 inch border for framing and matting (horizontal orientation)

Wrapped in 100% recycled plastic sleeve/shipped flat

20% donated to elephant sanctuaries around the world.

(FRONT watermark not present on final product)


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