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Ramba Elephant in Moonstone Memorial

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Ramba in Moonstone- Colored Pencil on Paper Limited Edition Fine Art Print. Charming Grandma Elephant Painting in soft pastels. Perfect for Elephant Collectors, parents, grand parents and anyone who represents wisdom and love in your life! (Pencil on Paper. T. Rutter)

Sweet Ramba was the celebrity elephant, she was the last circus elephant in Chile. Fortunately Chile shut down the circuses but with no where to go, Ramba waited for years until her rescue and relocation to the Global Sanctuary for Elephants in Brazil- Sadly Ramba passed on several months after arrival, her health had suffered while she was in the circus. Before she passed on however, she was able to enjoy life as an elephant again, and even bonded with Rana her sister elephant, who was with her when she passed on, watching over her.

Fine Art Print
11 x 14 inches, rectangle (vertical)
1/4 inch border for matting
Shipped Flat w Backer board and clear, plastic sleeve
Includes one bio/photo card of the actual elephant you are helping to rescue! You can track their progress towards sanctuary.

A portion of every sale goes to non-profit elephant sanctuaries around the world, working to provide homes for rescued orphaned, zoo, circus, tourist and logging elephants.
For a full list of the charities we support, please visit:

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