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Tribal Stuffed Elephants, Hand Made (1) HURRY THEY SEL OUT FAST PRE-ORDER

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HURRY we sell out of these every single year! Hand crafted tribal plush ornaments will add a smile to everyone's face all year round!. Each charming little plush is hand crafted in unique tribal fabric that is purchased fair trade from our partners in Chiang Mai! Each ornament has a durable 3 inch elastic loop for hanging on a tree or anyplace you need a little elephant love~!


4 long/4 tall/2 inches wide (hand crafted allow for some variation)

Stuffed with recycled fibre.

Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange

*Each elephant is hand made and fabric patterns will vary, which makes every elephant a fun surprise.Each little elle comes with a biography of a real elephant your purchase is helping to rescue

20% of every sale donated to elephant sanctuaries (PRESALE PLEASE ALLOW 6-8 weeks for delivery)

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