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 Have we got a retreat for you...

Big Elephant Magic Retreats

 Prepare to be Inspired 

Alternative Transport

Big Elephant Magic

Thailand, 2019

(photo L. Broughton)

Selfie for a purpose (elephant photo bomb)

Big Elephant Magic Thailand, 2019(photo M. Moreno)

Discovery through


Big Elephant Magic

Thailand, 2019

(photo. S. Hardy)

Meeting Local people

and making new friends

across cultures captures the spirit of Big Elephant Magic. OH did we mention elephants?  

Thailand, 2019

(photos L. Broughton)

Cuisine is a great way to learn about culture and have FUN!

Big Elephant Magic, Thailand 2019 (photo T. Rutter)

"Loved every second. 

Best Visit Ever."

S. Hardy Thailand, 2019

Forging Friendships!

Big Elephant Magic Guest S. Nerola and Lek Chailert of ENP! 

(Photo. D. Rutter) 

'It was a dream come true!" E.Escoto 

"This was such a fabulous adventure & experience! Lots of laughter, a few tears, many inspiring & thoughtful discussions, a abundance of memories and a legion of amazing life long friends made! BIG ELEPHANT MAGIC

Thailand was full of unexpected treasures, all you had to do was look!

I can't thank Thyra and David with Arte For Elephants enough for giving us all this terrific opportunity. I look forward to the next!"

C. Steiner Via FaceBook

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