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Thyra Rutter

Artist & Founder Arte for Elephants

Graduate- International Tour Management Institute

Graduate- Otis College of Art and Design Fine Art Certificate Program

Entrepreneur and Mentor Small Business Association

David Rutter

Author, Poet, Photographer

Humboldt State University

Also Known As- Author, Transgressive Poet and Political Journalist,

Max Mundan

Foodie, adventure seeker, truth junkie and sober living expert! 

Thank you so much for your interest

in our Big Elephant Magic Retreats and Experiences!

We would love to have you join us! These very special events were created in direct response to many of the conversations we hear over and over again at our art shows. 

"I do art, it would be great to do something like what you are doing" 

"Elephants speak to my soul, I would love to find a way to help them." 

People from all walks of life are deeply aware of the growing threats to elephants, the environment and all wildlife. They feel helpless when it comes to taking action.

They want desperately to do something, but what?

The same questions, David and I asked ourselves back in 2015 when we started Arte for Elephants- we aren't millionaires, we aren't celebrities, we are just two average people that had stressful jobs and set out to do what we could to help elephants and spread awareness on their plight. Fast forward three years and we have talked to, literally, thousands of people all over the world, raised over $52,000 for elephant sanctuaries and every aspect of our lives has been transformed!

We are fulfilled, purpose driven and excited to do more!

We want to show you how we did it and help guide you towards practical, positive steps that will allow you to

embark on your own action-driven journey to use your gifts create positive change on issues you care about! 

Big Elephant Magic is vegetarian (let us know if you are vegan) and open and welcoming to compassionate people of all ethnicities, spiritual backgrounds and sexual orientation!

Big Elephant Magic is the event I wish someone had hosted ten years ago when my heart cried out for a way to help save the suffering animals of the earth but I lacked the focus, courage or plan to start. 

Ultimately, this event isn't about us, it's about YOU, your path, your gifts and your creativity! One thing is certain, there is a big elephant gift inside of you! Join us and take your first step on a journey of adventure, excitement, quiet reflection, creativity and,

did I mention elephants? 

See you in Kenya and Thailand!


Thyra and David 

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