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The Secret to Not Looking Away- Elephant Conservation.

Remember this term "Relentless Incrementalism" (thanks to my friend Hollis- From New Life Elephant Sanctuary for this gem!). The most common response I hear from people, when they are presented with some of the more grim statistics related to elephants is something along the lines of "oh I can't even LOOK at that.. it's such a shame".. the natural inclination is to figure that the situation is SO insurmountable, so hopeless and SO overwhelming that your best bet is to just turn your head away and try to drive it from your mind. But believe me the situation is so far from hopeless it's not even funny. Every day, in EVERY country unsung heroes are going to amazing lengths to drive lasting solutions for elephants (and all wildlife). People are getting the message that riding elephants is NOT OK! Countries are shutting down exotic animal acts right and left!!! Dedicated people all over Africa and Asia are coming up with innovative ways to prevent human/elephant conflict, zoos (like the Mendoza zoo) are starting to release elephants to sanctuary!!! Of course, none of this happens overnight, but it does take place over time.. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON or business you contact is another seed planted, another person aware of these precious elephants.. another step forward. If you make an ASK and someone says " no" don't worry, you have already scored a victory, you have presented the stories of these elephants to a whole new person who likely never heard of them. From these little sparks and seedlings come astonishing change and real movement!!! THANK YOU for all being a part of it.. We MUST keep going, we still have a long way to go to help our elephants.. Let's all make this the week we CROSS POST the auction to our friends.. we reach out to more people..those elephants need us desperately <3 we are all making strides! #arteforelephants #compassion

Elephant Pod, Murchison Falls, Uganda- By D. Rutter

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