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AFE News: We're Back and Rolling!

There is no denying, the past 18 months challenged us all. From lock downs to politics, to illness it's been tough. One of the most difficult aspects, at least as far as Arte for Elephants is concerned, was not being able to do what we do. No art shows, no fun people, no holiday season, no safari's, no Thailand trips, ugh. We are so grateful for the unending support we received during a time when everyone was hurting but spreading the news about elephants and introducing our valued guests to the magic of Kenya or Thailand is the juice that keeps AFE going.

Guess what? We are BACK and roaring like a lion. Our September Kenya Safari 2021 was an astonishing success. Our determined guests, some of whom booked two years ago, were treated to the adventure of a lifetime. With lions, elephants and The Great Migration! We are so appreciative of our special safari clients who hung in there with us. What can we say? We love you all! Better yet, it looks like the feeling is mutual!

"I cannot recommend this company (but really, these people) more. They care about every single person they take and they go above and beyond to make sure your vacation is one of the best you'll ever have! A million stars and a billion thank yous, Arte for Elephants! " Dani W- September Guest

The good news doesn't stop there, after an excruciating 18 months our BIG SHOWS are back! We are kicking off this weekend (October 1-3) with our first Harvest Festival since 2019- in Ventura at the Fairgrounds, followed by The Harvest Festival in Del Mar, (October 8-10)! We will be showing non stop through early December until we leave again to take our Winter 2021/2022 guests to Kenya. (Editors Note: If you want to relax, don't start your own business!). Joking aside, we couldn't be more thrilled.

Things are moving on the philanthropic front as well, late last year AFE clicked over $60K in donations! We became proud SEED partners with Eden Reforestation Projects in Kenya and continue our Big Elephant Magic Girls Scholarship Fund currently supporting 5 young women in Thailand and Kenya as they pursue the life of their dreams. Also new, for 2020 was our participation in a nutritional support program started by Photographer, Gren Sowerby to provide critical food relief to the Maasai tribal community that is next to our camp (FISI CAMP) in the Masai Mara. This program, started with the modest goal to raise 300 GBP is up over 13,000 and has provided life saving support to the Wildlife Guardians of the Mara who will always be our first and best defense against wildlife poaching.

Whew, I get tired just re-reading that! But this update wouldn't be complete without our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has reached out to us during this time with offers of support, with online purchases, with every kind of help imaginable. In a world of so much insanity, our friends, guests and customers show us over and over, that the power of love and support outweigh everything else!

See you on the road! Don't forget to check out our brand new AFE Travel Website!

AFE Winter Schedule- Stop by and say "HI"

October 1-3 Harvest Festival- VENTURA Fairgrounds October 8-10 Harvest Festival- DEL MAR Fairgrounds October 16-17- Art in the Park- PASO ROBLES November 6-7- Arts Festival- SACRAMENTO November 12-14- Harvest Festival SAN MATEO November 13th- Makers Market SAN JOSE Santana Row) November 19-21- Harvest Festival SACRAMENTO


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