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2022 and 2023 AFE ADVENTURES


As the world emerges slowly, like a butterfly, from its two year, COVID induced hibernation it’s a good time to remind everyone that recovery will not affect everyone, everywhere the same. While many people in the developed world, drop their masks and reignite their commutes back to the job site, millions of people around the planet are left struggling to regain their livelihoods.

From Masai communities who saw their jobs in tourism shut down, literally overnight, to sanctuaries in Thailand, left desperately trying to care for elephants as donations and volunteers dried up and ceased. The post-pandemic world is, quite frankly, in shambles.

At Arte for Elephants, we recognize the importance of ethical, humane tourism and the extraordinary part that it plays in the continued operation of humane sanctuaries, local communities and wildlife refuges around the world. We are grateful to the human beings who held fast and cared for animals, often at great personal cost. We are also thankful that travel is opening up! We look forward to welcoming our amazing guests on the safari of their dreams!

Safari Magic- Kenya June 10, 2022

(all-inclusive 9D/8N) starting at $2899 per person

*Featuring a behind the scenes visit at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage

*Additional dates: January 10, 2022, July 28, 2023, August 10, 2023

Where the Elephants Dream- Thailand December 1, 2022

(all-inclusive 9D/8N) $2199 per person

*Featuring behind the scenes 3D/2N at Elephant Nature Park

*** Does not include airfare, based upon double occupancy

** Max group size: 12


KENYA: JUNE 10, 2022, JANUARY 10, 2023, JULY 28, 2023, AUGUST 10, 2023


Thyra Rutter is Artist and Founder of Arte for Elephants, a philanthropic art and travel business that raises money for elephant sanctuaries and provides ethical, affordable and humane, community based travel! AFE Travel is licensed, bonded and insured. AFE- Creating Hope since 2015! For more information visit:

Licensed, Bonded and Insured:

California Seller of Travel License: 2145545-50

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