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It's All About You!

Running Arte for Elephants is a singularly marvelous experience for me. To exist in this online space and travel the country connecting with compassionate, elephant lovin' folks all over the US, is an amazing experience. Every day, I am meeting to people from all walks of life, from all demographics, ethnicities, ages, socio-economical backgrounds and political bents. There is something compelling about elephants and we all feel it. Everyone who stops by the booth, who likes Arte for Elephants on Facebook, Instagram, or who reads my blog. So many people, taking so many actions for elephants and all animals, from shelter dogs, to rhinos.

The most common thing I hear people say is “I wish I could do more.” It’s as if we feel that if we were all just a little bit richer, or had a little more time, or perhaps some high powered celebrity friends, we could somehow solve this whole animal cruelty thing and BAM! DONE! Then we would be “enough”.

I wish to tell each and every single one of you amazing, beautiful people reading this and all of the animal activist out there that: You. Are. Already. Enough.

Some force, external or internal has called you to this table, you saw something that other people didn’t see. You felt the pain and suffering of other beings and you took action. You clicked, you Tweeted, you posted, you shared, you LIKED. The Universe invited you to this party because something about you is exactly the most perfect thing needed to change the story for animals all over the world. You and only you can fit in your seat because it was made just for you. I can’t pretend to even guess at what talent, ability, skill or feeling you have that makes you an essential piece of the compassion puzzle, but I am 100% certain that it’s there.

My job is to tell you all, how overwhelmingly appreciated you all are. You may feel your “flaws” hold you back from being a bigger asset to the planet and animals. “I am too unorganized”, “ I am too introverted.” “I am not tech savvy” I call “Balderdash!” on this notion. Perhaps you heard the call BECAUSE of these things.

So keep signing those petitions, writing those letters, promoting humane tourism, rescuing those senior dogs and cats, going vegan or practicing "meatless" Mondays. Event the smallest act, something you think is insignificant or silly, can make a huge difference in the world. To the suffering animals of this earth, you are a masterpiece of action! A superhero! Creatures great and small are counting on you.

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