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New Hope for Elephants of Nepal

Founder Coranne providing respite care for working elephants of Nepal

Nepal, land of mystery and adventure- home of the Himalayas, a range of mountains that both thrills us and terrifies us, land of Mount Everest!

Thousands of people visit this Asian country (sandwiched in between India and Tibet) every year, hoping to retrace the footsteps of Explorer Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay.

Further away from the mountains, Nepal is a stunning country of gently flapping, colorful, Buddhist prayer flags and savory food, of lakes, and forests and, surprisingly, of elephants.

That is right, over 200 elephants call Nepal their home. While a few of them are wild, the vast majority are “employed” in the tourist trade, spending long hours carrying visitors on their backs on the ubiquitous Elephant Treks, or Elephant Safari’s. Fancy hotels, until very recently, hosted elephant polo matches and performances. Elephants throughout the entire country spend their non-working hours chained in small enclosures, unable to suckle their young or freely walk among the foliage. For all its stunning, natural beauty, the land of Nepal is a land of sadness for elephants.

Hope however, is on the horizon with the launch of the first humane elephant sanctuary, Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary (N.E.W.S) a project already underway.

Land near Chitwan National Park, has been secured, and the founder, Coranne Plummer has established a Canadian No-Profit. Fortunately for the elephants, N.E.W.S. Sanctuary has received a great deal of support from both inside and outside of Nepal. The time is ripe for this project and Arte for Elephants is just thrilled to participate!

Ultimately, Arte for Elephants was established as a way to help rescue elephants all over the world from the confines of exploitative captivity. We are so excited to be part of the N.E.W.S. Team and can’t wait to post updates as the project gets further along.

So check out the website and their FaceBook page and let them know, Arte for Elephants sent you!

Stay tuned, a new future is percolating for the long-suffering elephants of Nepal, you won’t want to miss this!

Thyra Rutter, Artist & Founder of Arte for Elephants, a for-purpose business that raises money for elephant sanctuaries around the world through the sale of arts and crafts. Arte for Elephants also offers humane elephant volunteer retreats! Find out more.

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