Humanity, Captive

As a hot, smoky (at least here in Northern California) summer draws to an end and fall closes in with her color and change, we are granted a precious, and let’s admit it, rather tiresome chance to contemplate captivity both our own and that of our fellow creatures.

Back in January, when Arte for Elephants returned from hosting our amazing Big Elephant Magic Safari in Kenya, the year seemed ripe with the promise of growth; a full schedule of sold out retreats, a bustling slate of big art shows, etc. We wondered how we could possibly catch our breath long enough to be present for all of the things we needed to be present for. Enter February and as we all know, our lives and the lives of our family, friends, fans and even the elephants we are working to save hit a big, collective PAUSE button. Tourism vanished overnight, art shows big and small withered as organizers struggled with the “new normal”.