On the Road for Elephants- AFE

Sana Sana and I at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Photo D. Rutter)

Ah June, start of summer, beloved of brides all over the world.

But here at Arte for Elephants, June invariably causes a throat closing panic as I wake up from my spring stupor and think,

“Holy Moly! The holiday season is approaching and I haven’t done a dang thing!”

To anyone curious as to what goes into being on the road for elephants lets just say there are a whole lotta moving parts. Art show applications need to be filled out, mailed in, paid for, RV spaces have to be booked and budgeted, paintings need to get done, printing needs to be ordered, things need to be organized and prioritized and it’s just a whole bunch of crazy.

But that certainly hasn’t stopped the overarching mission of Arte for Elephants one bit. Here is a little taste at what we’ve been working on for the first half of 2019.

Big Elephant Magic Scholarship Fund:

As you may have seen on our social media, this past winter we launched and funded a year of advanced education for two deserving Hill Tribe girls through our partner, Borderless Friendship Foundation of Western Australia. Nakue and Malee are on their way to a brighter future thanks to our wonderful guests and friends who helped us raise the needed funds for not only 1 but 2 deserving girls! AFE is committed to ensuring both girls are able to achieve their dreams and have their entire 3 years funded by Arte for Elephants.

Big Elephant Magic Retreats:

Thailand: We are headed back to Thailand in December to visit Elephant Nature Park and enjoy our life-changing week in Northern Tha